Revolutionary High Speed Rail

Fast, affordable, and convenient regional transportation designed to create US jobs and foster new technologies

Can you imagine faster, cheaper, and more convenient travel than your own car? Smooth air cushion transportation provides express service point to point without weather, construction, or accident delays. If you see AirTrac pass you on the expressway, you will want to go home, park the car, and never look back.

Innovative ideas ready for real world applications

The patented Standard Technology Advanced Rail (STAR) System uses multiple existing and proven technologies that combine to form a mass transit system that is economical to construct and operate. AirTrac utilizes air cushion technology to increase speed and reduce the number of consumable parts. A significant departure from current rigid rail technology is achieved with a somewhat flexible guideway constructed from advanced composite materials. This non-rigid approach reduces weight and cost.

AirTrac is not a train. Discrete vehicles operating at defined intervals will provide frequent arrivals and departures. Operating above ground level adds uninterrupted flow and safety. AirTrac can use any number of natural or manufactured fuels that do not pollute. Hybrid propulsion and suspension reduces energy consumption, making AirTrac very green. AirTrac’s fail safe switch methodology facilitates the networking of routes into a regional and national transportation system. AirTrac will augment our existing highways providing fast, frequent and affordable transportation benefits to much of our population.

How it Works


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Getting You to Your Destination

Non-Rigid Guideway

Historically, high speed transportation systems have used rigid rails or roadbeds. Ours utilizes an elevated and somewhat flexible guideway constructed with lightweight composite materials. The land footprint of the AirTrac guideway is far less than any other rigid raised structure, especially that required by high speed rail.

Air Cushion Advantage

The air cushion vehicle is supported in the guideway a few inches above the surface on a cushion of pressurized air. With minimal friction, efficiency is maximized. The cabin hangs like a pendulum and will naturally pass through curves in a coordinated manner regardless of speed.

Environmentally Conscious

Air cushion technology frees the vehicle from friction with the ground. High efficiency propulsion is quiet and effective, moving more passengers and cargo on many fuel types. In addition, AirTrac can decrease highway traffic, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

High Speed Fail-safe Switching

All successful mass transit networks employ high speed switching. AirTrac’s concentrically designed air cushion and guideway use a switch rail that is moved into and out of position by gravity. The switch is either in the fully open or the fully closed position, never leaving an open segment in the guideway. Consequently AirTrac vehicles are always supported.

Innovative Propulsion System

Each AirTrac vehicle is propelled by a single turbine engine driving a reversible ducted fan. Advanced sound suppression technology makes AirTrac a rather quiet system. The aft mounted duct removes stagnant air buildup from the body of the vehicle to reduce drag. Support and system power will be derived from the propulsion engine, available in hybrid configurations. Since AirTrac does not fly, it is unnecessary to carry large amounts of fuel. At urban stations quick change fuel tanks will be swapped.

Low Cost Operation

AirTrac is designed for efficiency. When you don’t have to stop or slow down for accidents, traffic, construction and weather, you save fuel. When you don’t have to get off the ground, you save fuel. With minimal drag and high fuel efficiency, AirTrac will challenge conventional travel methods. Route changes at 70 mph and travel at 150 to 200 gets you to you r destination quickly. Consumable parts are minimized reducing maintenance cost. AirTrac can transport you at half the cost of operating your automobile.


What is AirTrac working on now?

Phase I

Complete AirTrac concept design and acquire patents. Finalize the business plan and implement a marketing strategy. Introduce AirTrac to the public.

Phase II

Establish public and political support. Secure funds for preliminary design and apply for government grant. Create private investment opportunities.

Phase III

Start Engineering program: provide models, safety and environmental considerations detailed. Complete real world testing on 2.5 mile loop. First AirTrac infrastructure built along I75 corridor.

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Mass transportation is a government and private industry cooperation. AirTrac can bridge this gap, as its inherent advantages can be realized with minimal risk. With a modest grant for the preliminary design, we can validate the business plan, opening the way to a new industry for America. Will you join us in advancing this opportunity?

For more information on our technology, supporters, and funding, contact us with any of the provided information. Help build the next wave of quiet, safe, fast, convenient, environmentally conscious transportation. Show AirTrac your support today!

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