Frequent Departures

Can I go when I want? Yes! With AirTrac vehicles showing up at my neighborhood station at intervals measured in minutes, I do not have to plan my life around the “train” schedule.  I can simply walk, ride my bike, drive a short distance and park, or have a family member drop me off at the station. Even schedule a pickup through the neighborhood minibus service.

Efficient Station Design

stationThumb2  stationThumb1

Each urban and suburban Air Trac Transport station will be tailored to existing environmental circumstances. Since each station will be a traffic generator, stations can be strategically located to spur future economic development in areas of cities and towns where future development is desired. The integration of an Air Trac Transport station in older neighborhoods can help reinvigorate existing communities where unemployment is high, and is lacking commercial development and investment. If local mass transit systems are planned and/or already in place, such as: buses, street cars, or car pools, these modes of transportation can connect to new Air Trac Transport stations. The architectural design of each station will harmonize with the current architectural theme of each community and neighborhood it serves, as well as, exemplify new concepts in technology.